What is a Cloud Nine Solutions Virtual Data Room?


Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) are an increasingly important tool in M&A, asset  and many other important legal, accounting, and real estate transactions. A Virtual Data Room, also known as a deal room, due diligence room or data site,  is an internet portal that allows documents to be posted in an organized way and allows interested parties to access these documents in an easy, secure, and totally auditable manner.


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Cloud Nine Solutions:  An easy, affordable Virtual Data Room

Many of the core benefits of a Virtual Data Room solution lie in its promise to save time and money and to reduce overhead and maintenance issues. However, many existing VDR (Virtual Data Room) solutions are expensive and complicated to set up and they fail to deliver on making it simpler for you to market your company.

Cloud Nine Solutions VDR was designed from the ground up to be easy and simple to set up, use and maintain, requiring little or no involvement from your already overburdened IT departments. Our development team has tested many other VDR's for over 3 years and incorporated many of the essential and most used features in our product. It is an on-demand hosted service accessible from any web browser using any OS platform. We handle the interface while you manage the content.  It's that simple.


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